Schoolhouse Communications is a now a qualified MATAAC Partner.

Federal AssistanceMATAAC has been charged by the U.S. Economic Development Administration with responsibility for administering Trade Adjustment Technical Assistance.

Schoolhouse Communications has been trained by MATAAC to assist companies affected by imports in obtaining MATAAC federal grants for business development and marketing to improve global competitiveness.

This is a wonderful opportunity to have MATAAC fund up to half of your business development and/or marketing costs.

Does this sound familiar?

  • "Imports are taking my market share. How can I compete with products or services that use cheap labor?"
  • "Our government encourages imports but does nothing to help me compete."
  • "Imports are forcing me to cut my margins to the bone. It's draining the cash I need to run my business."

If so, click here to visit the Mid Atlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center for information on how you can qualify for a Federal grant to help your business. Or contact Schoolhouse Communications to learn how we can support you in obtaining MATAAC funding for your business goals.

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